Corporate Mission

The Mission of Arch Therapeutics is to develop products that will improve the lives of patients and enhance the quality of care offered by healthcare personnel. We intend to offer compelling options to healthcare institutions facing limited resources.

Arch Therapeutics strives to be a leader in the field of stasis and barrier applications, including hemostasis and sealant products. We intend to develop products with dramatically improved profiles and characteristics over competing products. We intend to broaden the scope of the field by developing improved solutions to problems beyond the traditional hemostasis and sealant realms.

Arch Therapeutics is focused on capital efficiency. Our operational plans are geared toward achieving value-creating milestones in a manner that optimizes quality, probability of success, and cost effectiveness.

Arch Therapeutics believes in the value of intellectual property. We intend to file and defend patents and other intellectual property as required, in order to vigorously protect our assets, ideas, and inventions.

Arch Therapeutics plans to achieve its mission with a small core team. The realization of our business objectives amidst the challenges of the modern healthcare environment requires that the best supporting people surround us.

We value a healthy mix of seasoned entrepreneurs, scientists, business people and investors in a disciplined environment.

Arch Therapeutics believes that by focusing on the above objectives, we will achieve the goal of providing an optimal return for our investors.