Clinical Data

AC5® Topical Gel Clinical (Human) Study

Randomized, blinded safety study of 46 patients undergoing cutaneous surgery, including 10 patients on antiplatelet therapy (blood thinner). Each patient underwent shave excision of 2 lesions, which were randomized to AC5® or control treatment.

AC5® met the primary safety and secondary performance endpoints

  • Safety profiles similar between AC5®- and control-treated wounds (30-day follow up)
  • No serious adverse effects noted
  • 41% statistically significant improvement in median time to hemostasis (TTH) with AC5® vs control
  • TTH ≤30 seconds in groups of AC5®-treated wounds (+/- antiplatelet therapy)

Rahmani G et al. Dermatol Surg. 2018;44:939–948.

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