Hemostatic Agent: AC5® for control over surgical bleeding.

The AC5® Surgical Hemostatic Device - more than just a better mousetrap

The hemostasis market is clearly in search of products that work better, faster, and more reliably. The AC5® Surgical Hemostatic Device is designed to do that. Arch believes its products will be significantly superior to what is currently available.

AC5® is a synthetic peptide comprising naturally occurring amino acids. Evidence to-date supports that it is biocompatible. When squirted or sprayed onto a wound, AC5® promptly intercalates into the nooks and crannies of the connective tissue where it builds itself into a physical, mechanical structure. That structure provides a barrier to leaking substances, including blood and other bodily fluids, regardless of type of surgery or, based on early data, clotting ability. Healing occurs normally.

The structural building process is called self-assembly, and it provides a new and improved approach to addressing “stasis and barrier applications.”

The Need: Modern Surgical Procedures
Drive Demand For Improved Therapies


Every day, around the world, millions of surgical procedures are taking place. Many are planned months in advance, while many more are in response to emergency needs.

Because these procedures are invasive, surgeons and other medical specialists focus on optimizing patient outcomes – and they constantly strive for fewer complications, including reduced fluid and blood loss in order to obtain the best results while maximizing safety and minimizing time to recovery. They also operate today through smaller incisions in the body, in procedures known as minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery.

The Solution: AC5® Stasis And Barrier Technology


AC5® itself is designed at the nano-scale. It's a synthetic peptide comprised of naturally occurring, non-animal, amino acids using straight-forward manufacturing techniques.


AC5® is applied directly onto a surgical or traumatic wound, where it rapidly creates a physical barrier in the nooks and crannies of the tissue and promptly stops bleeding and fluid leaks.


It's not sticky or glue-like, and is very easy to prepare and handle. It's also a clear transparent gel enabling doctors to see through it as they work, performing “Crystal Clear Surgery™.”

The Result: Faster and Safer Surgical Outcomes


Once applied, AC5® works quickly to stop bleeding with rapid onset of hemostasis.


With AC5®, surgeons are able to perform surgery through the protective barrier safely.


Once the incision heals, AC5® is naturally absorbed and passes from the body.